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Crystallizing DNA - Health Solutions - Preventative Health - freedom - peace

Hi there – my name is Phillippa Corney and I’m 59 years of age.

My Business Practice is a Holistic Health Service
promoting General Health and offering Health Solutions for
Physical – Emotional - Mental and Spiritual Well being.

I specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM and Acupuncture - 4 years full time study
Five Element Acupuncture
Auriculo-therapy - Ear Acupuncture
and practice Qi Kong – ancient form of Reiki
Tuina - massage
NET - neuro - emotional technique - Stress relief for mind, body discomfort and pain
Tuning Forks for needle sensitive patients
and promote Stem Cell Nutrition for Humans, Horses and Pets.

I am registered with The NZ Register of Acupuncturists – Acupuncture NZ (formerly NZRA) and I’m an ACC Treatment Provider.

My mission statement is:
‘ The unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say’ – Martin Luther King.

To raise and inspire global consciousness for Health according to the virtues of the Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood inspiring Freedom from Pain, Stress and Suffering with Love, Kindness, Clarity, Truth, Awareness, Perspective, Safety, Wisdom and Worth of all that I am.

Acupuncture and Health Treatments:

Recommendations from the World Health Organisation lists pathological conditions which may be treated by Acupuncture

Neurological: headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, shingles, Meniere's disease, tinnitus, Bell's Palsy, Post Stroke syndrome, insomnia
Psychological disorders: PTSD: post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, smoking/drug addiction
Respiratory: sinus problems, hay fever, common cold or flu, Asthma, Bronchitis
Cardiovascular: Angina, palpitations, high and low Blood pressure
Gastro - Intestinal: constipation, diarrhoea, IBS - irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, haemorrhoids, heartburn and reflux
Musculoskeletal: lower back pain, joint sprains, muscle strain, sciatica, Arthritis, sporting injuries, sports performance or enhancement
Women's Health: irregular or painful periods, fertility disorders, premenstrual difficulties, menopausal symptoms
Pregnancy: morning sickness, breech baby, heartburn, lower back pain, preparation for labour
Men's Health: fertility issues, erectile dysfunction, prostate difficulties, hair loss
Metabolic Disorders: CFS - chronic fatigue syndrome, Adrenal insufficiency, hormonal irregularities
Other: skin conditions, bladder disorders

My main interest and focus for treating patients is to offer 'Health Solutions' by activating, harmonizing, regulating, clarifying Qi (Chi - energy) and Blood flow. Pathology or 'dis - ease', the body being 'ill at ease' is generally caused by 'stressors' which over time may deplete function and substance so Acupuncture may tonify diminished function and depleted substance and if necessary clear stagnation, accumulations and obstructions therefore allowing restoration and connection for true potential and functionality for your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual well being.

Ultimately aligning the patient with their 'innate' being and Truth within and Raising one's Consciousness.

Therefore, the fine Acupuncture needle is a powerful articulate tool which physically touches one’s Life force – Qi – (chi) in the meridians/channels which flow to and from the organs for restoring innate Health and well being.

In a nutshell may ‘Crystallize your DNA’

I believe that we all have the natural ability to ‘Tune in’ and enhance our innate way of being through healing ourselves and that we ‘are powerful beyond measure.’
It is just our humble choice to receive
Abundant free Qi – oxygen - O2 which holds us back.

We ask ourselves, ‘who am I to be brilliant” - ” who are we not to be brilliant?’
– Nelson Mandela.

Our DNA is made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen – 'CHON',
which is the same substantial Qi – energy in Nature, the Five Elements :

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Does it not make sense then to align ourselves with a more natural way of being?

Traditional Acupuncture - a full holistic view of you:
I encourage each individual to look at and listen to their needs and Causes of Disease as this is the key to identifying the underlying root of one's issue, condition, pattern or theme ie;
Lifestyle, Diet, Climatic factors, Environmental toxicity, Genetic predisposition and Emotions ALL of which may be 'stressors' and then I treat according to their discomfort which has manifested Physically, Emotionally/Mentally and Spiritually – an original way of being which has been injured and or blocked disallowing functionality.

In respect of Chronic and sometimes Acute conditions, there is always a ‘patient story’ versus a ‘body story’.
After some initial clearing treatments are done to clear superficial layers, often the real story of disharmony shows up, ie. comes to light and surfaces which has been masked over time.
This allows for a more refined treatment plan and gets to the Heart of the matter and underlying root causes of 'dis - ease' and manifestations now present.

Auriculo-therapy - Ear Acupuncture:
the Ear is a micro-system with many points relating to TCM and Western Medicine Diagnosis. Many Pathologies may be treated via the Ear and can have everlasting results.
Scar tissue with residue toxicity may be a major block to treatment so this needs to be cleared primarily and can be cleared on the Ears.

Five Element style Acupuncture:
Each individual relates to and moves with the cyclical energy and nature of one particular Element, ie. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, so identifying this is important to treatment and healing.
This natural element which is uniquely you - your 'Constitutional Factor' may still be crying out and have manifested deficient function so treating your uniqueness is paramount and can make such a difference to your well being and treatment plan.

Also 'Blocks' to healing between the sequential Qi flow of each of the Meridians may be present so these need to be addressed and resolved before any other treatment plan.

Specific Consultations:
I will listen to and observe one’s whole Health History primarily at the time of intake, to diagnose these 'patterns or themes' which have evolved throughout your life.
Patients are generally predisposed to 'themes/patterns'' and or pathogenic influences due to a
'Vulnerability of External and or Internal influences', so it is important to look at these Root Causes of Disease and discomfort, according to one's first experiences and their Family History past and present.
A pre – disposition for pathology may be carried energetically in DNA – ‘the genetic blueprint’ and also from sensitivity whilst in Utero.
Hence the more I know about you the better! But I will go at your pace and as a team.
Any Practitioner needs the patient to take responsibility for their own way of being and get real about what is not working for them and why. That's where the team work comes in!

Auxiliary treatments:
NET - neuro - emotional technique alongside Acupuncture allows deep healing from these most original wounds, levels, layers or patterns. It is another effective tool to release stress and stagnation with a mind/body connection.

Tuning forks are also an excellent and effective choice for needle sensitive patients and also used as an auxiliary treatment to Acupuncture.

The Nature of the Pulse in TCM is considered an important tool for diagnosis and reflects a patient’s organ function due to the nature of functionality as well as looking at the Tongue coat and body shape which reflects transformation of body fluids.

Lingering pathogens ie. bacteria‘s, viruses and climatic factors which may cause coldness, dampness, phlegm, heat and fire accumulation and obstruction over time, are a focus of treatment as well as clearing Toxicity and Acidic physiology.
These factors may cause stagnation of Qi and blood in the channels – pathways – meridians - flowing to and determining Organ function as well as 'depletion and diminished function'.

Hence the intention and name of my practice is :
Clear Qi Acupuncture
– promoting Clear pathways/meridian function,
Clear Qi and Blood,
'Crystal Clear' Organ function,
‘Crystallizing DNA’
and clarity of Mind and Body for Healthy choices and solutions.

Musculoskeletal issues, Traumatic Injuries and Sports Injuries
Through needling motor points in the Muscles a neuro - muscular arc may be activated which sends a message to our central nervous system to re- start a muscle which has ‘gone to sleep,’ lost it’s contractile ability due to injury and or depletion.

Another treatment principle of needling and or stretching and releasing tendons ie. ‘releasing the brakes’ on the Anterior side of us - relating to the Yin side, can take strain off muscles on the Posterior side of us - relating to the Yang side, therefore is very beneficial to ease Sciatica and Low Back pain as well as shoulder and neck pain relating to Thoracic Outlet syndrome and other injuries.

Being a registered Acupuncturist with Acupuncture NZ and an ACC Treatment provider allows aspiration to a high professional code of ethics.
If and when appropriate I will refer you to other medical practitioners and for blood tests, x-rays, ultra-sounds, CT scans, MRI etc.

• Consultation and Treatments are an hour and a half at first, to gather as much information about you as possible. The more I know about you, the better I can treat you!
However this can be managed within an hour treatment(s) over a longer time frame if chosen or shorter treatments depending on your schedule.

Treatments may include Acupuncture, Massage, Qi Kong – ancient form of Reiki, Moxibustion – a Chinese herb Artemesia; in solid form which is heated and held above skin level to warm, disperse stagnation and coldness in the tissues and channels, Cupping – moves stagnation, TDP lamp therapy – macro molecules for healing tissues, Tuning forks may attune the body on a cellular level and especially good for needle sensitive patients or as an auxiliary treatment to Acupuncture.

Fees : $70.00 – 1 hour, $105.00 – 1 ½ hours

- usually allow 1 1/2 hours for NET treatments (if
- ACC surcharge: $25.00
I look forward to working with you, your friends and family,

Kind and Warm wishes

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Merry Christmas - Peace and safe journeying

' It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, it means to be in the midst of those things & still be calm in your heart'. unknown.
The jolly festive season of Summer relates to the energy and rhythm of our Fire element and Heart function. Our Heart naturally commands it's personal assistant and one of it's body guards the Small Intestine to discern what's pure vs. impure nutrients, thoughts & beliefs which fuels our consciousness & our blood to circulate & rule with truth, appropriate joy, sense of fun, passion & ultimately just the right amount of kindness, compassion, connection & LOVE.
'Noise"... from internal or external influences? may arise & come up & at us when we least expect it & in many varied forms if we haven't discerned, identified & been paying attention to our Heart's truth or other people's truth of Heart.
Is someone still crying in your midst or are you the one still crying?
Is this causing you noise within or

is there too much noise going on around you which disrupts your PEACE?
On observation there is evidence of truth and PEACE in the World especially in Nature but also alongside us there is a lot of crying going on, a lot of 'noise'.
We cannot control the noise going on outside of ourselves but we can control our inner noise & influence, inspire our external influences; our environment & those we care for. We more: 'info' at and facebook

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I found Phillippa to be a warm and gentle practitioner who put me at ease and tailored her treatments to suit my body's energy levels. She was always respectful of my own knowledge of my body, listened well and put up with my many questions. Phillippa helped me move forward through an emotionally rocky time and I let go of a lot of baggage during my treatments with her. She also helped me enormously with increasing my energy levels and reducing back pain.

- 28 yr female
I have been a regular client of Phillippa's since her training days. Phillippa is a very caring thoughtful Practitioner. Acupuncture is so relaxing I fall asleep during treatment. It certainly helps alleviate my chronic pain. Phillippa is also helpful in treating any other issues that may present themselves - I love it:-)

- 57 year old woman
I have had rhomboid pain for the last 6yrs and Respiratory issues for 3yrs and decided one day that I'd had enough as other therapies in the past had not worked. I decided to explore Acupuncture as a solution to my discomfort and I'm glad I did. I discovered Clear Qi Acupuncture online and Phillippa came across as a kind, honest and gentle healer perfect for what I was looking for in a therapist. I found Phillippa to be approachable and open. She harbored a genuine interest in my healing journey. I found my treatments relieved me of my discomfort including all of those smaller niggles. I noticed more calm and flow within myself and although physically I felt better my mental and emotional self was able to come into balance as well. Thanks to Phillippa I conduct my days now with focus and clarity. I am calmer and grateful plus I feel at ease with life itself now that my pain has ceased. I recommend Phillippa and her treatment to all of the people who tell me now how good I am looking!

- female 36 years old
I've been a patient of Phillippa's since her early days of training and have had many successful breakthroughs with chronic physical and emotional blockages. Recently I have made major changes in my life and these have only been made possible by my journey with Phillippa and my Acupuncture/NET treatments. I use Acupuncture as part of my life's wellness plan and believe I will always continue to do so. I highly recommend to everyone to have Phillippa Corney as their Acupuncturist.

- Female - 60 yrs

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