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Hi there – my name is Phillippa Corney and I am 63 years young.

My Business Practice is a 'Holistic Health' Service primarily practicing Acupuncture, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy (Maciocia, 2006) and Five Element Acupuncture (Jarrett, 2006) as a treatment method.

I have completed 4 years full time study at the NZ College of Chinese Medicine in 2010 and another half year post grad study in 2011. This study also incorporated 4 years of Western Medicine pathology and diagnostics.
In 2017, I completed a year's part-time study online at the NZ School of Acupuncture and TCM in Wellington (NZSAO&TCM), to complete a medical research course. Originally, this course was not included at the time of my prior training at NZCCM, hence I graduated with a National Diploma in 2010.
In 2018, I gained a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture).

I am registered as an acupuncturist with Acupuncture NZ (formerly NZRA) and required to complete 25 hours CPD - continued professional development yearly.

I am also a registered ACC treatment provider for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.

As well as Acupuncture treatment, I incorporate Cupping, Moxa-bustion, Reiki, Tuina/massage, NET - neuro - emotional technique and Tuning Forks (for needle sensitive people).

My mission statements are:
' Do no harm'.

"To live consciously internally and externally with freedom and peace, according to the virtues of Nature and the Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood with Love, Kindness, Clarity, Truth, Awareness, Perspective, Safety, Wisdom and Worth.

' The unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say' - Martin Luther King.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have been used successfully for many 1000's of years in the treatment of a wide range of conditions.
The World Health Organization have listed over 40 conditions which have been effectively treated with Acupuncture:
Ear, Nose and Throat disorders, Respiratory disorders like Asthma and allergies, Gastro and, Digestive disorders, Nervous System and Musculo-skeletal disorders, as well as Post surgery and Cancer care pain, Nausea from Chemotherapy and Radiation.

By inserting a number of fine needles into specific points along a system of energy pathways or meridians which lead to the internal organs, the acupuncturist endeavors to restore hyper or hypo function on a holistic cellular energetic level. Because acupuncture works on the whole body, change can be generated emotionally as well as physically.

After taking an extensive case history the practitioner will decide on the most appropriate course of treatment. This may be acupuncture alone or the use of moxibustion (the warming of acupuncture points using the herb Artemesia). Tuina/massage, dietary or lifestyle advice and perhaps the recommendation of gentle exercise (tai chi) or breathing (qi gong) techniques may be included.

A course of treatment is generally considered to be between 8-10 treatments. Some conditions will benefit in fewer than this and long term problems could be expected to require considerably more.

If and when appropriate it may be necessary to refer you to your GP or other medical practitioners, for blood tests, x-rays, ultra-sounds, CT scans, MRI etc.

• Consultation and Treatments at Clear Qi Acupuncture are thorough, so will require an hour and a half. This primarily allows the restoration of sequential Qi flow in the meridian system, followed by a constitutional treatment, as well as treating your chief complaint or main issue.

Clinic fees : $120.00 – 1 ½ hours.
ACC surcharge: $45.00

I look forward to working with you, your friends and family,

Kind and Warm wishes



Book: Maciocia, G., C Ac. (Nanjing). (2006). The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Text for Acupuncturists and Herbalists. 2nd Edition. Acupuncuturist and Medical Herbalist, UK. Honarary Professor at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

Book: Jarrett, L., (2006). The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. Stockbridge, MA. USA: Spirit Path Press.

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Merry Christmas - Peace and safe journeying

' It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, it means to be in the midst of those things & still be calm in your heart'. unknown.
The jolly festive season of Summer relates to the energy and rhythm of our Fire element and Heart function. Our Heart naturally commands it's personal assistant and one of it's body guards the Small Intestine to discern what's pure vs. impure nutrients, thoughts & beliefs which fuels our consciousness & our blood to circulate & rule with truth, appropriate joy, sense of fun, passion & ultimately just the right amount of kindness, compassion, connection & LOVE.
'Noise"... from internal or external influences? may arise & come up & at us when we least expect it & in many varied forms if we haven't discerned, identified & been paying attention to our Heart's truth or other people's truth of Heart.
Is someone still crying in your midst or are you the one still crying?
Is this causing you noise within or

is there too much noise going on around you which disrupts your PEACE?
On observation there is evidence of truth and PEACE in the World especially in Nature but also alongside us there is a lot of crying going on, a lot of 'noise'.
We cannot control the noise going on outside of ourselves but we can control our inner noise & influence, inspire our external influences; our environment & those we care for. We more: 'info' at and facebook

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I found Phillippa to be a warm and gentle practitioner who put me at ease. She was always respectful of my own knowledge of my body, listened well and put up with my many questions.

- 28 yr female
I have been a regular client of Phillippa's since her training days. Phillippa is a very caring thoughtful Practitioner.

- 57 year old woman
I decided to explore Acupuncture and I'm glad I did. I discovered Clear Qi Acupuncture online and Phillippa came across as a kind, honest and gentle, perfect for what I was looking for in a therapist. I found Phillippa to be approachable and open. She harbored a genuine interest in my healing journey. I am grateful and I recommend Phillippa and her treatment.

- female 36 years old
I've been a patient of Phillippa's since her early days of training. I use Acupuncture as part of my life's wellness plan and believe I will always continue to do so. I highly recommend to everyone to have Phillippa Corney as their Acupuncturist.

- Female - 60 yrs

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