Clear Qi Acupuncture, Barton Fields, Lincoln, Selwyn District, Canterbury

Clear Qi Acupuncture

My working history prior to studying TCM encompasses over 30 years as an artistic Florist and 3 years as a Contact Lens Technician.
I consider TCM, Life and Health an 'art form'.

I have extensive life experience which has ultimately enriched my perspective, observation and clinical experience with insightfulness, respect and compassion.

My other interests are music, history, art, writing, science, cosmology, gardening, skiing, interior and exterior design, geography.

Clear Qi Acupuncture clinic room is situated in Lincoln, a peaceful small town, about 20 mins drive from Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand.
My Qi is aligned to work from my home, offering a relaxed peaceful atmosphere in a garden setting.

My Personal Values in order :
Nature - the Five Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.
Survival – Water, Oxygen, light, food, warmth and shelter, Mountains, 100 per cent wool, rose petals and plants.
Peace and Harmony, love and friendship for my Husband, Family and Friends.

My Values in Business :
Do no harm.
Quality Health Care versus Quantity.
Safety, trust, non judgment, confidentiality, compassion and empathy.
Value each individual and mutuality of giving and receiving value.

'the Doctor of the Future will give little Medicine,
but will interest his patients in the care of the Human frame,
in Diet
and the cause and prevention of Disease'.


' When the minds of people are closed and wisdom is locked out they remain tied to Dis - ease'.

The Yellow Emperor's Classic 2696 - 2598 BCE