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Merry Christmas - Peace and safe journeying

' It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, it means to be in the midst of those things & still be calm in your heart'. unknown.
The jolly festive season of Summer relates to the energy and rhythm of our Fire element and Heart function. Our Heart naturally commands it's personal assistant and one of it's body guards the Small Intestine to discern what's pure vs. impure nutrients, thoughts & beliefs which fuels our consciousness & our blood to circulate & rule with truth, appropriate joy, sense of fun, passion & ultimately just the right amount of kindness, compassion, connection & LOVE.
'Noise"... from internal or external influences? may arise & come up & at us when we least expect it & in many varied forms if we haven't discerned, identified & been paying attention to our Heart's truth or other people's truth of Heart.
Is someone still crying in your midst or are you the one still crying?
Is this causing you noise within or

is there too much noise going on around you which disrupts your PEACE?
On observation there is evidence of truth and PEACE in the World especially in Nature but also alongside us there is a lot of crying going on, a lot of 'noise'.
We cannot control the noise going on outside of ourselves but we can control our inner noise & influence, inspire our external influences; our environment & those we care for. We more: 'info' at and facebook


WAAW - World Acupuncture Awarenesss Week Update - 16th-22nd November

Hi ! Registered Members of Acupuncture NZ - will be positioned near the Peacock Fountain in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, Rolleston Ave. next to the Museum on Sat 21st 9am - 4pm......
so let all your work mates, friends, relatives know so they can pop along to our gazebo on Saturday so they can 'Feel the difference' with trying Acupuncture as part of a FREE mini treatment and discuss any health issues or injuries they have.
Many of my patients say how scared or petrified they have been of needles and the thought of them but their health issue nevertheless brings them in through the clinic doors and they end up saying...
"oh is that it ? !.... is it in yet ?!" they are so pleasantly surprised and relieved at the ease and difference they feel after trying it and come back for more !
So feel the fear and do it anyway!
warm regards Phillippa


World Acupuncture Awareness Week 16th - 22nd November 2015

be informed...inform your friends and loved ones....
take control over your Health and help them too.....
knowledge is Power !

Do you or your friends really know how Acupuncture works and how many dis - eases it may treat ? !

Practitioner's will be positioned at a few places in Christchurch during the week 16th - 22nd November
to share their knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine as we are trained in both of these aspects of Medicine for 4 years +.
We will share how Acupuncture would help your condition and your general well being, offer mini treatments where appropriate and special offers from our many individual clinics....
watch this space for updates : & Facebook
to view what's on offer in NZ.

I am able to personally offer a $20 discount off treatments for first time Patient's in November and anyone is welcome to ring me for a consultation prior to booking in for a full treatment.

warm regards


Acupuncture NZ at the Womens Expo Sat 26th & Sun 27th Sept

Hi all -
Yes ! Acupuncture NZ (formerly NZRA) - will be at
'The Women's Expo' at Horncastle Arena on Sat 26th and Sun 27th Sept - 10 am - 5pm.

Come, bring a friend(s), blossom outward and upward, reach for the stars, be a star !..
inspire yourself at this time of natural Spring energy of renewed freshness, regrowth, bringing forth new vision, vitality, direction and possibilities for a smooth bright healthy future for yourself, your friends and your family's wellbeing.
Find out how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture works alongside and integrated with Western Medicine and how
your Mental, Emotional and Spiritual energy is the driving force, the drive shaft, the power house for all your bodily functions and Health according to the Five Elements and your Constitutional Factor !

Important ' know how ' for you to be in control and take charge !

My colleagues (and I will be there on Sat 10 - 2pm) to throw the light on any of your Health concerns.

Look forward to seeing you there, Phillippa


Soul Jam - Holistic Health and Spiritual Expo

Come out into the country, breathe the mountain air and fulfil your Shen - Spirit...
at the West Melton Community Centre to take in Soul Jam!
Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 5 pm.

Clear Qi Acupuncture Demonstrations:
Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis, Laterality Test - Left and Right Brain messaging?, Cupping and Tuning Forks for needle sensitive people and much more...

Natural Therapies and Remedies, Candles, Crystals, Fairy goods, free Face Painting by Rainbowlily, Spirit Drawings, Aura Photos, Whole foods and other free Talks and Demos from people who care about you.

Liven up your Life!

Facebook: Soul Jam for full info


The Power of the Brain...if balanced?

' In our Brain, each of us has his or her own ....finest drugstore available at the cheapest cost - to produce all the drugs we ever need to run our mind-body.'
Candice Pert, 1997 : Molecules of Emotion.

Do you feel connected?
Has it felt like there is something missing or not quite right?
Are things out of control..... is your Ilness or Injury just not clearing up?

Dys - laterality between Left and Right brain may be the underlying cause of many disease states in the mind - body and a major block to healing!

Intra - uterine trauma or birth stress, ANY Accident or Injury in your Life, Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Trauma, Sub clinical infection either intra-uterine or early years of development.

'AURICULO-THERAPY' - EAR ACUPUNCTURE treatments now available!
Balancing your Left Brain with your Right Brain consequently relieving Stress, Trauma, Pain & allowing crystal clear function!

Bookings: Phillippa - Clear Qi Acupuncture 2600 738 or 021 2010 738


Autumn - Making Peace with your Soul

All Disease is the result of inhibited Soul life & that is true of all forms in all Kingdoms - the Art of the Healer consists in releasing the soul so that it's life can flow through...the form. Alice Bailey.
This Season of Lungs primo function of controlling vessels, descending & dispersing of Qi & Large Intestine's fx. of elimination, defecation relates to the Metal element which is the optimum time to be inspired; literally cut to the chase, get real, cut the crap, get rid of bull shit, de-clutter, the stuck-ness in & out of our systems by owning up to what is not OK for us.
Knowing this at Soul level.. scary, but change and honesty at this level may be.
Your #1 priority is honesty with self then to the people closet.
Low self esteem? a negative virtue of Metal. Find the 'sword' within you..tonify your Lungs & Large Intestine just by breathing deeply. Just knowing your sword is there ( without using it) allows standing your own ground in the face of an overacting 'Woody' type

who may be bullying you into submissiveness or' shut-downess'.
Remember the 5 element nourishing cycle..chk out website for know how & tips.
Metal is the Grandmother of Wood & Wood the grandchild of Metal.
So Metal should be in control of Wood.. not the other way around which is so often the case!
Give yourself permission to Let go, invest in quality of life. Metal aspires to the heavens/ Air, allow your Soul to feel oxygenated with quality circulation of Qi.
Make peace with your Soul..


Faith - Hope and Merriment this Xmas and Summertime

I hope you all have a lovely celebratory time with those you hold dear this Christmas and have faith in cycle us as much warmth and sunshine with harmonious flow, balanced with just enough Water to keep the Earths treasures flourishing!
It may not happen exactly when we want it to..but it will happen as it has for centuries and the grand design knows what to do. So Trust in the Universe and in yourself to resolve what is necessary.
If you are leaning towards the negative, losing hope, feeling flat, fat, sad or a cloud hanging over you then it's about keeping the Faith with Nature's natural rhythm which is going on inside of you primarily!
This is due to us being made of Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and it's about finding the warmth and sunshine within then replenishing your 'yang' natured Qi-energy to tonify all your organ and meridian function by breathing in deeply with each breath as much oxygen as possible to transform your excess body

fluids, fats, emotions which are weighing you down, especially in your neck, shoulders and butts!
The Fire element which relates to Summer, your Heart and Small Intestine Qi is essential for function.. relating to the nature of the 'original Spark'.
The Yang Qi-spiritual aspect of self, mindfulness and oxygen moves our blood, clears obstructions, accumulations and stagnation, but essentially it all starts from the Heart - the Supreme Controller. Read more/ Info:


World Acupuncture Awareness Week - Vouchers available - where and when

Be in to get your discount vouchers for you and your friends to celebrate WAAW 2014 - Traditional Acupuncture - feel the difference !
Phillippa from Clear Qi Acupuncture will be at Riccarton Mall Thursday 20th. Nov: 1 - 4 pm and 6 - 9 pm and also
at the Tannery Saturday 22nd. 9 am - 2.30 pm handing out vouchers and answering any queries about your Health concerns.
Light Flash!!!!
Phillippa has decided as a special xmas offering of good will and well being to extend the half price offer of $35 discount for an initial Consultation and quality Acupuncture treatment with Tuning Forks to embrace Joy in your Heart chakra....allowing supreme control and flow for your whole system until Wed. 24 Dec 2014.
Treat yourself and your loved ones!
Ringing the clinic directly: 2600 738 to book an appointment also applies to the discount other than receiving a voucher at the above venues.
warmest regards


Reminder ....World Acupuncture Awareness Week 16th - 22nd November

Traditional Acupuncture: Feel the difference!

Holistic Health Solutions - tapping into your vital Qi, your life force to restore balance and clarity of mind and body.

From 10th - 28th November Clear Qi Acupuncture is offering a half price quality consultation and first time treatment.

Ring 03 2600 738 or 021 2010 738 to book a treatment with Phillippa


World Acupuncture Awareness Week 16th - 22 nd November 2014

An those who would like to try Acupuncture and are not too sure about how it works and what it feels like...I am offering a half price initial consultation from the 10th - 28 th November !!
This will entail taking a full health history, pulse and tongue diagnosis and Acupuncture treatment. Allow 1 and a half hours.
Tuning Forks are an auxiliary treatment to Acupuncture and for needle sensitive people.
Acupuncture may treat many disorders according to the World Health Organisation ( check my website out for details ) and treatments can be designed to work alongside Western Medicine Diagnosis and Medications.
I look forward to meeting you in the month of November!


Spring colour at last! - The Season of reaping what we have sown...

Wood's natural energetic rhythm of flourishing with renewed vigour and growth, better, brighter than ever before, shining forth, flowing freely with smooth forward upright Qi(chi), blossoming, feeling 'ok' about being a tall poppy, coming from a place of firm self respected roots, well nourished over time, who is strong enough to stand one's ground in the seasonal changes of wind no matter what is thrown your way with forthright direction for the more yang seasons of Spring & Summer.
Has your time and energy over the last Winter months allowed you to contemplate what's important to your well being, resolved any issues to now allow clear direction with some new you can dance like a spring lamb?
Have you been drinking enough Water to nourish your Wood element? Is your blood rich with colour & freshness from Earth, Metal and Water to allow nourishment & flexibility of ligaments, tendons & sinews? Do you have enough substance - blood volume & quality, rich in iron,

Proteins, ions - electrolytes & 91.5% of Water in your plasma to nourish the sense organ of Wood manifesting in your eyes?
Is your Qi & blood flowing smoothly for your emotional state, digestion, the secretion of bile, your spirit grounded & therefore rooted in your blood at night for normal resting & activity with supple free movement of sinews, free flow of menstruation, eyes and nails? Or. are you too Woody with unresolved....Read - 'more info' + Acupressure Points & food tips


Phillippa - Clear Qi Acupuncturist back to work post injury!

Yeh! after 12 weeks I am finally back to work as of today!
A big thank you to all those who have been very patient awaiting treatments!
It has taken a lot longer than I envisioned due to the bone of my arm not being able to be in a cast, soft tissue damage and concussion.
The bone has a bit more healing to do but I am fully able to do Acupuncture treatments and some musculoskeletal work/therapeutic massage ( not deep tissue work just yet).
I attended a NET - neuro - emotional technique seminar in Sydney bout 3-4 few weeks ago so have even more tools to get to the bottom of pathologies and discomforts for people.
I will look forward to seeing and treating you soon!
Warmest regards


Winter's Wisdom according to tried and true laws and Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine

My main objective for my patient's holistic health is to inspire, remind and equip you with knowledge about your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual "Nature and Well Being' so you are taking responsibility and ultimately in control of your Health!
Whether these precious parts of you are accessed by needling Acupuncture points on your body, massage, tuning forks, moxa-bustion, cupping, NET or with careful Consultation alone, it is within your interests to acknowledge the 'wiseness' of your innate Physiology ie hormones, fluid electrolyte balance etc and structural Anatomy with the relationship of the Spiritual aspect of self. This is the part of you, the Shen/Spirit, the Fire within, the Heart which circulates your blood and you truth, the Queen or King in your Kingdom who knows best, your mind's eye, your intuition, your 6th sense. This fiery part of you is the driving force essentially needing to achieve balance with the Water element controlling your Kidney and Bladder

function and emotions, hence your natural tendency for wanting quiet reflection of your foundation and Lifestyle in these Winter months.
Our Anatomy and Physiology knows it's design and function.. so is your Spirit listening to it... nourishing it and above all trusting in it's vibration and natural rhythm?
The seasonal laws of Nature and energy of Winter reflects a very 'Yin' time which equates to SUBSTANCE within you- blood, bones......
Read on/access more info and Phillippa's News Flash!


Clear Qi Acupuncture Clinic Open Day - Saturday 22nd March

Hi there!
I am having a Clinic Open Day this Saturday 22nd from 9am - 4pm.
My intention on this day, besides West Meltonian's, is to offer a 'free mini Acupuncture treatment' to any of your friends, work mates or relatives who would like to try ACUPUNCTURE for the first time, to those who have always wondered what it is like and to those who may be scared of needles.
So this is your chance to try it!
For those who are fearful and would like to try it I would go very very gently and at your pace ie. talk you through each step and only put 1 needle in according to what your pulse is telling me.
You will be amazed at how easy and painless it is!
The most one should experience is a dull ache or a tingy sensation, if the 'Qi' (chi or energy) at a particular Acupuncture point is strong which may reflect your Qi stagnating in the channel or meridian.
So come out to West Melton for a drive on Sat. and experience the mountain views, fresh air, space & tlc!
warm regards, Phillippa


Autumnal attunement - 'Fall' - Metal within - inspiration & expiration

Sadly for some Summer has drawn to a close with 'Gusto', feeling the chill of 'Fall' and the Winter months ahead. The Lungs descend Qi throughout the body, regulate water passages, open to the nose, control the pores, skin and body hair, whilst Large Intestine excretes wastes and absorbs water, corresponds to grief. Felt excessively our 'yang' function may fail to protect our defensive Qi, transform cold invasion, dampness & mucous which may obstruct Qi and blood flow during these cooler months to come. Aversions to cold, Autumn and Winter may indicate a 'cold type' or 'Yang deficiency' and we may need to tonify 'yang' by exercising, eating warm foods, like garlic, ginger, onions, peppers, black beans and attune to the nature of Autumn - pulling in, downward, gather, fuel up, protect our outer channels from cold invasion by wrapping up, necks, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, ankles, feet and keep our butts and Kidneys warm, NB. skimpily clad girls! Difficulty embracing Autumn, may

indicate the Lungs need to be cleared of weeping, mucous, psychic phlegm, find inspiration within our self worth - find what 'rocks us'. During inspiration and expiration we exchange O2 & CO2, breathe in heavenly Qi and let go of toxicity. This 'return' is paramount for energy to the entire system, ability to aerate inflammation, move negativity, stagnations and blood stasis, whilst enhancing Metal within to sparkle, shine and be the gems that we are! more info:


Love is the energizing elixir of the Universe, the cause and effect of all Harmonies

Hi everyone - sending you warm Qi to your Fire element - Heart and Small Intestine for Valentines Day.
If you have ever had an aversion to something or someone then this may be an appropriate time to re - evaluate and transform your Qi and Blood.
The Small Intestine protects the Heart - the Supreme Controller, the Queen or King in your temple - palace within. It takes the 'hits' and 'discerns' what the Emperor, needs to hear, see, smell and taste and ideally only allows the purest of nutrients into the blood where our consciousness is rooted.
So if the Small Intestine has taken some huge 'hits' over a long period of time, felt lost, vulnerable and has or had a deep feeling of unrequited love, then aversions or allergic responses may have developed.
Although Small Intestine is a loyal subject with the best interests at Heart, the Heart - Queen or King in your regime needs to know the truth in order to reign supreme so it is within our interests to take time out for deep thought

or meditation - attending to our inner most feelings and ask whom or what do I not love?
This appropriate circulation of Heart and Small Intestine Qi and Blood allows deep calm sleep, balanced ph and blood pressure to name a few.
We may then ask ourselves and choose to aspire to:
' to only attract love and reign supreme... I will be love itself'
Happy Valentine's Day every day of the year!


' Tis the Season to literally be jolly - the virtues and imbalances of the Fire element

Hi there!
Fire - the original spark! - Yang natured energy - warmth, passion, joy, Spirituality, connection, intimacy, the body's thermostat.. it's what drives us, allows us to jump out of bed in the am. and yell yeh another day.. I am happy in my work, love life, friendships.... !
It's all about happiness, activity of cells, tissues and organs function.
The Yang Qi is what moves blood therefore relative to the Heart function of circulating the Blood - 'the Supreme Controller' due to one's innate Spirit at Soul level.
In TCM it's considered that the Spirit of the Heart resides in the mind and to speak one's mind appropriately with grace, integrity and discernment flows off the sprout of the Heart - the tongue... with the encompassment of one's love from the Heart and mind directly derived from and in relation to External and Internal influences, learned and perceived beliefs.
Fire and therefore appropriate warmth and heat relates to the season of Summer and allows us to have good

mindful boundaries with intimacy of whom we let in to our hearts and whom we don't.
The Small Intestine has the ultimate discernment of what nutrients it allows into one's blood for nourishment to the Yin organs and Heart's function and circulating it.
Our consciousness and mindfulness therefore is grounded in the blood and allows appropriate safe relationships.
Read more.. go to 'more info' at
Warmest Wishes for the Festive and Holiday Season - Phillippa


A vision of Spring - the Wood element - having embraced the rhythymical nature of Metal & Water?

A time of splendour, newness, growth, revitalisation, birth, direction, courage, motivation, filtered blood, consciousness grounded in our blood, smooth flow, stretching out, forthrightness, lightness in our step, clear vision, colours...
All this made possible by the rhythm of nature - Autumn time: Lungs & Large Intestine and Winter time: Kidneys & Bladder respectively - taking inspiration from the heavens - free 02/Qi, "cos we're worth it!", opening the chest synergistically with the Heart - Fire element, relaxing the shoulder girdle, allowing appropriate actions of the Heart & Lung protector channels of the arms, Qi cleansing the Colon, eliminating what we don't need, relaxing, 'letting go' of heavy baggage, enabling the Kidneys to grasp the descending Qi, drawing on our constitutional essence, foundational wisdom, contemplation, resolutions, calm Waters/Adrenals, no fears, feeling safe.. in turn not giving rise to bitterness, jealousies, anger, frustrations, therefore ....

giving courage to new visions, plans with clarity & direction in life & relationships, flexibility, eating better - fresh greens, vigour, smooth flow of Qi & blood in our cells, tissues & organ function, therefore 'no issues in our tissues', excessive activity overacting on our Digestive systems in our ' Middle Jiao ' region, no hyperactivity giving rise to excessive heat and wind issues, ie. Hypertension and Stroke; nature's imbalances in Spring due to an antsy woody Liver and Gall Bladder !


testimonials for Phillippa?

Hi there lovely people!
Just a wee reminder to those whom I've mentioned this to before... if you have time to write a short blurb/sentence re - how you have found your treatments.
And to those whom I haven't... would really appreciate it just a few words on how you've found treatments as well!
- they will be added to my website and to reassure you of patient confidentiality instead of signing your name under it I will just be putting female/male and an age.
Thank you - really appreciate your feedback! warmest regards Phillippa


More Info: Breathing classes and Health walk

go to and click on 'more info'
warm regards


The virtues of Winter - How calm are your Waters? Drawing on your wisdom/foundational strength?

Winter is here!
Metal reflecting the Autumn season & the nature of Lungs & Large Intestine nourish our Water element - Kidneys & Bladder function.
Are you breathing deeply enough to enhance the Lung's descending & dispersing of Qi so the Kidneys may grasp the Qi and calm your Waters and Adrenals? Are your adrenal glands exhausted? This being a common problem of the fight and flight response due to Lifestyle stressors causing Qi/energy to be scattered, fever pitched and over time losing one's identity which may cause pathologies like high Blood pressure, immune disorders, anxiety, fear, and or Cushing's syndrome.
Long term stress, acute shock may deplete the Kidney function and may cause many 'Lower Jiao' disharmonies ie. Menstrual, Bowel, Prostate, Bladder, Fertility, Oedema issues.
It is therefore vital to take inspiration from above, breathe in Qi/oxygen & on expiration let go of all that we do not need. This is physically, literally Oxygen/CO2 exchange - getting rid of acidity

& toxicity.
If we take time to regulate our breathing rate we naturally calm down, ground ourselves; on expiration our shoulders naturally relax & we 'let go' - eliminating accumulations.
This No.1 survival tool is essential for peace & health!

Learn more:
Deep Breathing classes will start on Wed. 10th July at 9 - 10am. Meditation optional. Bookings required.

Walk and chat re - Acupuncture and Health: start Mon. 8th July at 9 - 10 am. Meet at the clinic. Focus: body posture/alignment.


Clinic opening - 4th June 2013 : 20 Shona Lane Preston Downs West Melton

Hi there everyone!
Today I have communication again after being without it for a few weeks whilst moving - Yeh! Broadband and the phone lines are now up and running.
I have a separate phone line for the clinic room so you'll be able to book in either by landline: 03 2600 738 or cell: 021 2010 738 (cell phone coverage is slightly iffy although have worked out the exact hotspots so it's not too bad). The only times I won't be answering straight away is if I'm with a patient in the clinic room so leave a msg and I'll get back to you asap.
The clinic is officially opening on Tues. 4th June so I will look forward to treating you. The sun streams into my new home and clinic room and I am immensely enjoying being in these new spaces!
Winter is officially approaching so look for some pearls of wisdom according to Traditional Chinese Medicine in the next newsletter and details re - breathing classes and Health walks starting end of June.
warm regards Phillippa


'The virtues of Autumn' - enhancing Lung and Large Intestine Qi-energy

Welcome to the first newsletter designed to inspire you!
Firstly a heads up so you may understand fundamentals better: Qi( pronounced 'chi' ), blood Yin and Yang.
The nature of Qi reflects energy-oxygen and yang reflects functionality-activity, whilst blood and Yin reflect substance
Autumn in Christchurch is proving to be a lovely rich and colourful time with fabulous weather!
This is mainly due to Summer (Fire element) and Late Summer (Earth element) which have allowed this rich nourishment of the Autumn season.
Autumn is all about the virtue of taking more time out... the natural way of descension than has been usual in the more yang seasons of Fire and Earth. Taking care to breathe: our Lung's ability for inspiration, breathing in abundant FREE Qi - Oxygen!...embracing the splendours of the seasons before, descending, diffusing of Qi downwards to oxygenate and fertilise all of our cells and tissues as much as possible.

Check 'More info' on web site -
for more 'Autumnal pearls of wisdom' and Clinic news


Transitional Clinic Dates from Town to New Clinic

Hi everyone !
Just a quick note to let you know that my clinic at 11 Liggins Street will be closing from Wed. 23 rd April 2013.

After the long awaited move to Preston Downs, West Melton during the month of May I will open Clear Qi Acupuncture again on Tuesday 4th June 2013 from my new home!

West Melton and in particular Preston Downs has a lovely energy to it and you are all welcome to come out for treatments of course and visit when I hold an 'Open Day' a bit later on after starting the clinic again, so will keep you posted re that date!

My new clinic room is separate from my home with an ensuite and my intention is to carry on the ambience of my present clinic room in a garden setting... which will be a blank canvas to start with of course but will evolve over time so watch this space!

I will be available by cell phone so your'e welcome to contact me if you have health concerns during this transitional time.

Ciao for now and warmest regards Phillippa