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Merry Christmas - Peace and safe journeying

' It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, it means to be in the midst of those things & still be calm in your heart'. unknown.
The jolly festive season of Summer relates to the energy and rhythm of our Fire element and Heart function. Our Heart naturally commands it's personal assistant and one of it's body guards the Small Intestine to discern what's pure vs. impure nutrients, thoughts & beliefs which fuels our consciousness & our blood to circulate & rule with truth, appropriate joy, sense of fun, passion & ultimately just the right amount of kindness, compassion, connection & LOVE.
'Noise"... from internal or external influences? may arise & come up & at us when we least expect it & in many varied forms if we haven't discerned, identified & been paying attention to our Heart's truth or other people's truth of Heart.
Is someone still crying in your midst or are you the one still crying?
Is this causing you noise within or

is there too much noise going on around you which disrupts your PEACE?
On observation there is evidence of truth and PEACE in the World especially in Nature but also alongside us there is a lot of crying going on, a lot of 'noise'.
We cannot control the noise going on outside of ourselves but we can control our inner noise & influence, inspire our external influences; our environment & those we care for. We more: 'info' at and facebook

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