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A Christmas Quote

To quote Sarah Henry the Editor of the Next Magazine from the latest issue … “there is a group of people I have great respect for, a collective of dedicated souls that I strive to be part of …. The people who do their Christmas shopping early. Every year I say I’ll do it and every year I’m left driving around and around the mall on Christmas Eve, frantically searching for a car park with the same anxiety as someone who has lost their winning Lotto ticket. I then proceed to tear around the shops shelling out a ridiculous amount of money on, let’s be honest, average gifts, before spending the rest of the evening wrapping said lacklustre presents – after wasting an hour searching for a pair of scissors and the end of the sticky tape”

……Become one of those “dedicated souls” by letting Flax create your beautiful Christmas gifts for you this year. We've got heaps of parking, scissors at the ready and loads of sticky tape ...... we’ll do it all for you …. It’ll be our secret!


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