Green Kiwi Clean NZ Ltd, Fendalton, Christchurch

Green Kiwi Clean NZ Ltd

Green Kiwi Clean NZ Ltd distributes a range of quality NZ made biodegradable cleaning products that are formulated with a commitment to the environment.

Our commitment is to partner you in caring for our planet by providing effective, environmentally sound and user friendly cleaning solutions.

This commitment, alongside our range of high quality, biodegradable, effective and user friendly products, is what sets us apart from our competitors

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Are your windscreens icing up?

Would you like a faster more effective way of getting those windscreens clear? Why not try our alcohol based De-Icer.

"Our drivers simply turn on their engines, spray the windscreen with De-Icer and within minutes the windscreen is clear. It doesn't re-freeze and the ground doesn't turn into a skating rink. De-Icer is much better value than anything else we have bought and we are not throwing out dozens of empty cans anymore."
- Malcolm Budd, Ritchies Coachlines Dunedin

Call now or email me to order. 2L and 20L cost $59.95 and $159.95 respectively. Order the 20L drum and receive a FREE 1.25L Solo Pressurised spray bottle valued at $20.

* gst and freight exclusive

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“I like it because it’s not as harsh on your hands and it seems to do the job”

- Michael, Ashburton Contracting, Ashburton
“The solvent based degreasers we have used before dry quickly, and once we have hosed the engines down we have to follow up with more degreaser. Then we have to use another product to remove the dirt and grime build up. By comparison, BioDegreaser doesn’t dry up and seems to keep working on the grease so we only have to spray on and hose down once. It also gets rid of the dirt – we are saving a lot of time, and using one product where we previously used two is much less hassle.”

- Bernard, Eastland Cartage, Gisborne
“We have to put up with enough harmful stuff so if we can find something safer then we should use it. When we take the wheels off before removing the brake shoes we give them a good squirt of BioDegreaser then airblast off all the dust and grime. It works really well – better than all that other toxic stuff.”

- Neil, Frews Transport, Darfield
“BioDegreaser is 10 times better than anything we have used before. We spray neat onto general engine mess and onto heavy grease around shackle pins and bushes that has built up over time. We let it soak for 5 minutes and cold water blast it off. Other degreasers we have used need to be reapplied a few times to remove grease and grime. Therefore we use less product, saving money, as well as saving time. We love it and will be buying in 200L drums once we have used up our old degreaser.”

- Phil, Sicon Ferguson, Darfield

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