New Reality Group - Innovation Entreprenuers, Christchurch Central, Christchurch

New Reality Group - Innovation Entreprenuers

With a proven track record for success, our award winning team draws on decades of business experience.

Our team provides a broad range of business management, leadership development, brand performance/advertising and digital Virtual and Augmented Reality technology specialist skills.

Our enterprise specializes in designing strategic solutions using augmented and virtual reality and state of the art technologies that enable commercial gains, plus cool stuff people love.

WE HAVE ASSEMBLED A TEAM OF WORLD CLASS producers, technology developers, designers, behavioural experts that include academy award winning designers and artists who provide for global power brands.

Services We offer -

>Strategic Planning and Implementation
>Virtual Reality, creative, strategy & project management
>Augmented Reality, creative,strategy &project management
>Data Driven Mobile Advertising
>Data Driven Virtual Reality Advertising
>Cross Platform Digital Innovation Promotion
>Brand Performance and Activation
>E-Commerce focus on China/USA Markets
>Cross Industry Digital Innovation Alliancing
>Health and Safety Digital Technology – Visibility
>Project Management

We love working collaboratively with our clients, bringing imagination and business savvy to create something wonderful and success for everyone!

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Something to Think About - How Can Virtual and Augmented Reality Transform You Workplace?

We are excited! VR and AR has the capacity to impact the way we collaborate, market, educate and work collectively. How will you use it?

Over the past three years, every major tech company—Google, Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, HTC, Qualcomm and Cisco—has invested heavily in VR and AR. By my count, something approaching $10 billion. Each of these technologies is going to change how and where we work with others.

Fully immersive, high-fidelity virtual worlds will allow you to beam into ‘virtual workplaces’ and hang out with virtual co-workers (each joining from other locations).

In these digital spaces, co-workers on four corners of the planet are co-located sharing ideas, presenting concepts to each other and hanging out.

In this fashion, companies will forgo bricks and mortar, and instead allow their globally-distributed workforce to virtually transport themselves into the same environment and work cooperatively. Think of a kinder, gentler version of the Matrix.

We are thrilled to be working with new technologies such as data driven mobile advertising at scale, virtual tools for learning and customer experience augmented reality for engagement, internally and externally.

We are project managing a VR promotion for a New Zealand Department Store opening in Beijing on boxing day - oh what fun 2017 will be!

Maybe you are not ready to use or haven't experienced these technologies Let us know; we can set you up with our VR collective to view.

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Between 2006 and 2010 I engaged Wendy in my capacity as General Manager for Redken and Matrix at L’Oreal to do several growth projects – covering brand vision, team alignment, and uncovering opportunities in the salon market. One of the projects was on a larger scale and involved research in both our client and consumer audience as well as with my internal stakeholders. Over the coming 2 years we achieved breakthrough growth +7.5% Sales in the brand in a flat to negative market. The engagement and empowerment in the team was significantly different to what I had experienced before and the results came with ease due to the clear coaching and strategies for action. My brands results were recognised at a global level in Paris in 2013.

The biggest difference Wendy’s leadership coaching has made to me personally is the ability to really experience my own success and a belief in my leadership abilities – she takes away the barriers in my thinking which allows me the space to think outside the ‘box’ and gives me a place to lead my team from. The unique point of difference is her ability to simultaneously coach at a personal and business level due to her strong commercial and strategic experience – I trust her commercial opinion and love the fact that she is always ahead of trends in strategic thinking and innovation. There is always someone in her vast network that has seeded an idea with her or is working on the next big breakthrough in another industry that I can gain inspiration from. You definitely get the best of both worlds.

- Rachael Armstrong, General Manager, LO'real NZ
What I liked about Wendy was her unique ability to support each person to achieve what it was they wanted by identifying what has stopped them in the past.

It was this skill that had me take on personal coaching with Wendy. I could see that having an objective and vision was not enough to have me be successful.

Further using Wendy’s skills I was able to understand how my beliefs, habits, and emotions affected my ability to achieve my goals.

With the training and tools provided by Wendy I was able to create a plan and activate my drive to accomplish and succeed in bringing my visions and dreams into reality.

With these skills I have successfully created a large group in Christchurch that is now influencing sustainable and community focused design in the rebuild of Christchurch.

This group has now linked with many other professionals around New Zealand. Due to the trust I have in Wendy I am invested in her working with our team to achieve further successes in these areas.

Please do not hesitant to contact me if you have further questions.

- Jane Quigley
I suspect that the main reason for Wendy's success is that all her work (both business and community) is based on a very solid foundation of integrity, and by that I mean from both a moral perspective and more importantly from a desire to be whole and complete in all interactions with people. She also has a capacity to see what's not there and find innovative solutions where others are stuck.

I trust Wendy's judgement and on several occasions I have taken action on her advice that "you need to do this" - I haven't regretted taking her advice. I am not alone in trusting Wendy because she is known for honouring her word and being trustworthy. As a consultant, all you have is your reputation, and Wendy certainly has a good reputation built on trust.

- John Baigent
Her commitment to New Zealand and the community is unquestionable and has seen her deliver some fantastic opportunities to the business and local community whether this is the design of Rutherford Innovation Forums profiling NZ trade and industry at the 2011 World Cup, or bringing the Dr Grordborts exhibition to Christchurch NZ, or leading personal development workshops for people to benefit the community wellbeing, such as Beautiful Minds, a confidence and self-esteem course for teenagers.
Wendy’s an accomplished innovator, facilitator and performance coach and has made a significant impact over her career on many company staff and executives both here and in New Zealand, especially as a role model for the Pacific Island community.

- Leah Carr

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