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Niche Contractor - High End Market; Diverse Clients; Solid Asset Base; Substantial Forward Orders

Sales averaging $1.2m + GST per annum are generated by three productive staff and a working owner who is partly “on the tools”. The business is very well known in its field and is seen as the go to for unique, high end concrete finishes.

Business Highlights
• Excellent showroom and lease in place
• Most plant & equipment less than two years and makes up a large part of purchase price
• Geographically local clients
• Repeat business from large construction companies
• Outstanding systems, policies and procedures, all documented including videos
• Staff well trained to cover all aspects of the business

The Buyer

The ideal buyer could be:

• An existing contracting or construction business wishing to add $450-$500k gross margin (after purchases & wages) to their business and capture “sticky” clients
• An experienced contractor on wages wanting to own and operate their own business
• A manager who understands the sector and will work “on” the business to generate growth

The current owners have plans to move the family overseas mid-next year, and are therefore willing to provide a more than adequate handover to a new owner.

Price: $265,000
FME Surplus: $144,000 EBPITD
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Software Reseller - Software Integration; Technology Training; New Zealand & Australia

The key strengths of this business include (but are not limited to):
• Established & profitable
• 100+ existing clients generating passive, “help desk” and additional work revenue
• Passive/trail income is $11k per month and growing
• Formal distribution agreements with software suppliers
• Modest overheads
• B2B Sales
• No/limited competition
• Generating income in both New Zealand and Australia
• Increasing “on line” learning market
• A leader in an emerging industry and a new category
• Part time hours from current owner
• Clearly identified opportunities for growth
• Consistent lead generation from suppliers and professional advisors
• Exceptional systems & processes
The Staff
There is a mix of very robust business systems and very capable consultants either employed by the business, or contracted to it. The team have excellent experience in what they do and enjoy their roles, and given they are Canterbury-based, it is likely that the business would remain in Christchurch.

The vendor has a number of differing projects that occupy his time, and freely acknowledges that he is the current bottleneck to growth. This frustrates him as he can see a clear and increasingly profitable future, but simply has insufficient time to execute it….albeit he will be available for a comprehensive handover.
Sale Price: $395,000

Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Franchise Cafe - Market Leader - Ideal Location - Stunning Cashflow

The following attributes make this franchised cafe a very attractive opportunity for the right buyer:
• Very established & profitable
• Consistent sales growth (YTD 6% up on 2018FY)
• Turnover approximately $41k incl. GST per week
• Multiple award-winning Franchisee
• Stock circa 10k; P&E over $200k
• Industry standard margins; and modest overheads
• Incredibly high profile, easy access location; plenty of parking (non-mall)
• Strong local and national market share
• Unbeatable franchise systems & Intranet
• Established supplier relationships
• Highly positive cashflow
• Identified opportunities for future growth
• Ideal mix of local and traveller clients; regulars & one-offs
• Low-no seasonality
• Circa 10-11,000 transactions per month
• Very established food preparation staff

The current owner is looking to exit the industry, but will be available for a good handover to the new owner. The new owner will:

• Enjoy positive interaction with customers
• Have a dynamic and authentic “customer service” ethic
• Enjoy the Canterbury lifestyle
• No prior experience necessary; the staff are very capable
• Need to fund over $600k of intangible asset value

Sale Price: $875,000
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Cube Cabins - ‘Tiny Home’ Market; Huge Income Potential

Franchises Available Nationwide -
Involved in the construction, sale and rental of these niche and appealing products, the demand for Cube’s cabins and tiny homes ( is constantly increasing nationwide. The owner feels the best way to manage this demand is to partner with experienced and enthusiastic people around NZ as Franchisees. There are some excellent initiatives in place that will generate enquiry for these new Franchisees.
Business Strengths:

• Well-known brand
• ‘On Trend’, growing & exciting market
• Scalable, with substantial income potential
• Excellent systems and support in place
• Excellent supply chain
• Sell, rent or rent to own

This business would suit a hands-on operator with experience in the building industry, or an experienced sales person with the ability to surround themselves with a top class construction team.

The Franchisee will be committed to exceptional customer service, top quality and a commitment to business growth and profitability. The Franchisor is seeking dedicated business owners who share his passion for success and excellence, and recognises that this comes about through commitment and hard work.

EBPITD $225k + (Year 1 Forecast), $450k + (Year 2 Forecast)
Price $195k plus Working Capital plus Plant (if any)
Tabal Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Sales & Installation - Canterbury Distributorship; Popular Product

This is a unique, well established and quality business model, offering a product to the renovation market. Leads are generated by the product manufacturer via their website and 0800 number, then allocated to the distributor for that region. The distributer then makes contact to organise a site visit and quote. Once accepted a deposit is paid, the product is ordered from the manufacturer and the builders organised to carry out the install.

Business Strengths:
• Strong growth and profitability
• No prior experience necessary
• Simple and effective business model
• Marketing run nationally by head office

The new distributor could be
• An individual happy to carry out the sales and quoting work, using the existing contractors to install
• A ‘team’ (i.e. couple, siblings etc) where perhaps one is a builder and the other works on sales/quoting
• An existing building/landscaping company purchasing the distributorship as a ‘tack on’ to their business

The current owner is no longer in a position to commit the time this business needs, as he is looking to semi-retire

The Vendor would provide necessary support to ensure a smooth transition.

Sale Price $175,000

Net surplus $140,000 EBPITD (Forecast 2019FY)
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Tourism - Queenstown & Lakes - Loyal & Repeat Clients - Barriers to Entry

This business currently generates around $500k + GST of sales with around 25% dropping to the bottom line for an owner operator (who only really works an FTE role for 6-8 months of the year). Trading is increasing and there remains scope for further improvement. A working owner is supported by employed Tour Leaders and a part time administrator.

The brand is well known, highly regarded, and has enjoyed “first mover advantage” with its core trip. Additional tours have been added and are growing strongly. The business is seasonal with only limited owner input required in the autumn & winter seasons. The diverse nature of the trips offered together with their absolute appeal to the target market reinforces the fun, scenic splendour and exercise-oriented nature of the business.

There around 30 fully support cycle tours per season, with up to 10 clients per tour. Tour leadership is provided by willing employees

The systems inherent within the business ensure that both the owner and staff remain hugely productive and ensure they can optimise their clients’ experience.

This business has been incredibly well structured and provides an established platform for growth; with the added bonus of being cashflow positive from Day 1.

Sale Price $195,000
Net Surplus $125,000

Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Wireless Internet Provider - Tourism Market - Huge Growth Potential

This business is a leading provider of guest internet services throughout New Zealand. While based in Christchurch it could very easily be relocated. The current owners are committed to a new project therefore do not have the capacity to drive revenue growth nationwide. The infrastructure owned by the business alone would cost approx. $400k to replace, creating a high barrier to entry.

The following attributes make this business a stunning opportunity for the right buyer:
• Very established & highly profitable
• Superb market share but huge scope to grow
• Modest overheads
• High barriers to entry
• ‘Sticky’ clients
• Highly positive cashflow
• Opportunity to grow separate, complementary revenue streams
• Mix of passive “rental” and variable “user pay” revenues
• Some seasonality due to nature of client base; high season approaching!

This business would appeal to a wide range of buyers, including:
• Tech-minded person
• Salesperson with a knowledge/interest of the IT/Comms sector
• ISPs
• IT, hosting or related business

Sale Price: $595,000
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Francesca’s Italian Kitchen Investment Opportunity - Fully Managed

With both sites (Wanaka and Christchurch) experiencing year on year revenue growth and being fully booked throughout the year, FIK is ready to be taken to the next stage via national expansion or franchising. The owners wish to remain in the business but due to the running of several other successful hospitality sites throughout the South Island, they simply do not have the capacity to make this happen. A lot of time and effort has been placed on establishing systems and processes with nationwide growth in mind.

• ‘Francesca’s’ Cookbook to be released on 1 November 2018 (Published by Penguin)
• Unbeatable systems and procedures
• High profile brand recognition
• Excellent locations, fit-outs and lease terms
• Run by a strong team with limited input from ownership
• Ability to grow the brand by either Franchising or opening more outlets
• Quality and very affordable food offering
• Strong cash flow
• Highly rated by both Facebook and Trip Advisor

The current owners have worked exceptionally hard over the years to establish the restaurants and the brand but do not have the capacity to expand the operations further, as they are very tied up with other non-competing sites & projects they have started. They are very open to be involved in whatever capacity the new ownership structure deemed appropriate.

Price Expressions of Interest Invited
Tabak ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Sales & Installation - Market Leader - Canterbury Reseller

The Christchurch based owner of this successful sales and installation business is in the process of selling Dealerships around NZ. The very successful and foundation Christchurch territory is to be sold first as a Dealership, with the owner retaining the longstanding relationship with the Supplier, and holding all product in their warehouse in Christchurch, supplying to all Dealers.
The following attributes make this business a stunning opportunity for the right buyer:
• Very established & highly profitable
• Superb market share
• Modest overheads
• Incredibly high profile showroom location and secure lease
• Very well known in Canterbury
• Simple and proven business model
• All product purchased from one Supplier (The Principal who imports components)
• Highly positive cashflow
• Sells into new home and home improvement market

This business would appeal to a wide range of buyers, including:
• Builder who is happy to quote and install
• Salesperson
• Interior Designer
• Combination of the above (i.e. working couple, siblings etc.)
• No prior experience necessary; the staff are very capable

Sale Price: $950,000
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Equestrian Supplies - Online & Shop Sales - Direct Import

The following attributes make this business a very attractive opportunity for a buyer that loves the “horse sector”:
Established & profitable
• Consistent sales growth (YTD 10% up on 2018FY)
• Stock circa 350k + GST @ cost; worth circa 500k + GST at retail price
• Consistent margins
• Modest overheads
• High profile, easy access location
• Ecommerce enabled website
• Strong market share
• Sells New Zealand wide from its Christchurch/Canterbury base
• Capable & settled part-time staff
• Established supplier relationships
• Positive cashflow
• Identified opportunities for future growth
• Wide (but related) product range
• Low seasonality
• Circa 1000 transactions per month averaging $100 + GST each
• Product sourced locally and from offshore

This business is only for sale as the current owner is retiring, but will be available for a good handover to the new owner. The new owner will enjoy and understand the equestrian sector
• Currently making $4500+ profit per week

Sale Price: $725,000 (includes $395k of stock & plant)

Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Entertainment Services - Akld-Wgtn-Chch; Multiple Markets; Short-Term Hire

In six years this business has rapidly grown to be a leading national player within its market. Whilst the business is currently owned by a Canterbury resident, the systems in place and existing geographical markets ensure that the owner could live in any one of the three main centres that the business provides services in. The business has a reputation for providing excellent products and service to both commercial and consumer clients.
• Established and profitable
• Comprehensive systems & processes
• Market leader; business could be licensed or franchised
• Product hire model; buy it once and be paid multiple times over
• Strong list of key and repeat clients
• Skilled team of part-time & casual employees/contractors
• Product/services can be linked to a wide variety of events
• Significant opportunity for Auckland-based buyer
• Vendor can continue to provide technical advice and remain a supplier to the business
• Price includes $125,000 of stock & plant

The business leases product on a short-term basis for use by attendees at events. The products/services provided are supported by an established network of part time/casual employees/contractors, and there is opportunity to increase the utilisation rate of the current plant & equipment. Further expansion opportunities available by expanding into regional locations.
Sale Price $250,000
Net surplus $124,416 EBPITD
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Upmarket Coctail Bar; Growing; Central Otago

This well-established Cocktail Bar with a strong loyal customer base is for sale in a location that is second to none

• Strong growth and profitability each year
• Strong local reputation
• Amazing location and fit-out (makes up most of the purchase price)
• New menu (Food now prepared on-site)
• Fantastic cashflow
• New events/wedding offering has just been implemented

The ideal buyer could be
• A buyer who has prior hospitality experience and wanting either to relocate to an extremely appealing & vibrant Central Otago location or expand into hospitality ownership
• An events manager wanting to focus on the events/wedding package recently put in place

The business is currently fully managed. The Vendor only pays the bills, and has recently spent considerable time creating the new events/weddings offering, making it the perfect time for a new owner to take the reins

The Vendor would provide necessary support to ensure a smooth transition.

Sale Price $250,000 (Plus SAV)

Net surplus $136,000 EBPITD
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Painting & Decorating - Profitable; Good Forward Orders; Strong Market Demand

This business has successfully provided services to Canterbury builders, shop-fitters and investors for the past 25 years, and enjoys a reputation for providing high quality work to an appreciative market. Sales are around $600k + GST pa; GP is generally above industry standard and the return to a working owner averages $165k per annum (last 3 years). There is a strong representation of commercial work and this is NOT a “post-EQ” rebuild story.
The owner is only selling due to health considerations, and has averaged 20-30 hours per week in the last 18 months or so, approximately half of these “on the tools”.
The team of six afford the owner the luxury of a 20-30 hour working week. The business has provided him with a comfortable lifestyle for many years, but a new owner may choose to take advantage of the strong forward orders and scale the operation up. A new owner may be qualified as a painter/decorator or plasterer, but this is not essential.

There is a good mix of staff and subcontractors, and all staff all have Employment Agreements

The owner works 50% of the time “on the tools” and the balance of the time doing quotes and managing the business.

This business is an ideal bolt on for an existing player; or a first purchase for a tradesman wanting to work on his own account.
Price $195,000
Profit $181,663 EBPITD 2018FY

Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Harrisons Carpet One - Timaru

Market Leader; Trading Strongly; Proven Business Model
This Timaru-based mobile carpet sales business consistently makes around $104k per annum to a working owner. The current owners have relocated and whilst they can still service the territory, after 6+ years they believe it is time for an enthusiastic new owner. Harrisons Carpet One are the market leading, nationwide, mobile carpet retail business with nearly 50 mobile showrooms nationwide – and the Timaru
business currently services a catchment of over 30,000 households.
Sales leads come in by way of the website and the 0800 number, and are leveraged from the very strong promotional calendar undertaken by the franchisor. As the new owner, you will visit prospective customers, do a measure & quote (using laser technology with a measuring device and tablet) and ultimately close the sale.

Franchise fees are very reasonable and the franchisor also has three regional managers, who proactively support the franchisee network

A proven business model with a reputable and growing franchisor – a RECIPE FOR SUCCESS

Sale Price $165,000
Net Surplus $104,417 EBPITD
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008



UVTEC Franchise territories for sale nationwide. (Window liquid coating that blocks 99 % of UV radiation…the primary cause of furniture fading).
This is a unique well established quality business model, which provides a crystal clear liquid coating to glass that blocks 99% of damaging UV radiation.
The Franchisor is seeking suitable franchisees for a number of exclusive territories throughout New Zealand including Auckland (3), Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Wellington, Nelson /Marlborough, and Otago/Southland.
• Established product for 20 years
• Full on-going support and training provided
• No prior experience necessary
• Excellent potential income in excess of $90,000
• Unique liquid product that has a 10 year warranty
• Over 8000 applications completed nationwide
• Strong brand marketing
• No ongoing franchise fee “clipping the ticket”; simply a one-off joi

Individual Franchise territories available for sale from $50,000-$100,000 +gst with the initial capital investment dependent on the individual territory.

Additional information is available about the product/service at

Tabak limited licensed under REAA 2008


Christchurch Business Opportunities Upbeat

Press Release: nzbizbuysell Wednesday 2 November 2016

Nzbizbuysell works with leading business brokers who have their finger directly on the business-trading pulse, such as Damien Fahey from Tabak Business Sales. Damien says they are still experiencing a strong demand for good businesses, especially from locals, that are not directly aligned with deconstruction or rebuild work. This includes the wider areas of Selwyn and Waimakariri.
“The sentiment around town is that it’s an exciting place to be part of. We have come through the turmoil, and are now making up the new rules. He says for example the vibrant cafe scene provides a great place to meet clients and do business.”
“Every year since February 2011 has been better than the one before - and I don’t see that changing. Owning your own business is not difficult; all that’s required is a good understanding of the systems, the clients’ needs, along with sound sales and management skills and some tenacity.

. It is often the best way to get ahead financially especially if it has a good cash flow and customer base. The sectors we deal in that are doing particularly well are import and distribution, import and direct sales, trades services, niche retail, manufacturing, engineering and fabrication.” He says buying an existing business cuts down lengthy set-up time and therefore provides immediate cash-flow.


7 Core Strategies to increase the value of your business

At Tabak we like to share great ideas and information – and if you own your own business, or one day plan to – then you need to read this by e3 Accountants by clicking here.

E3 have produced a practical, simple, easy to read guide for business owners who wish to improve and add value to their businesses. They acknowledge business owners are all busy people and have accommodated this with some easy to follow suggestions that will help optimise your value when it comes time to sell your business.
Best Regards etc.

Damien Fahey
Tabak Business Sales

(Tabak Limited licensed under REAA 2008)


Tabak SI is on track to confirm the sale of businesses worth nearly $11m in the last twelve months – this on top of a strong finish to the 2015FY which saw over $8m of businesses sold.

If you are not on our buyer database, our best advice to you is to get in touch and register. We sell over 80% of our businesses to existing database buyers. Beyond registering, make yourself known to us! The more we know about your background & skills, the better placed we are to identify the right opportunities for you. In fact in the last 18 months several sales were made directly to a buyer we identified as being the right fit – this ensured complete confidentiality through the process.

Our South Island team of Damien, Russell and Diane are looking forward to another busy and successful year in 2016, finding you the right opportunity to purchase.

Damien Fahey
Tabak Business Sales

(Tabak Limited licensed under REAA 2008)


Hi everyone,
The above pie chart shows the variety and split of businesses sold by Tabak nationwide in the last 9yrs. The SI has contributed around 28% of the sales, a statistic that we are proud of.

The bar chart shows the difference between Tabak’s marketing price and actual sale price. In 6 of the last 9 years Tabak’s total sales for that year are within 5% of where we valued those businesses. We value businesses realistically and we are usually very close to the actual result; perhaps this helps Tabak stand out from its competitors?

Rent rolls - we have a number of active buyers for rent rolls, ranging from “room by room” right up to executive houses. If you know any property managers who wish to realise their asset, Tabak can deliver them a buyer for their rent roll at good value.

If you know people seeking a good business to buy, they should contact Tabak and register as a preferred buyer; and also we welcome enquiry from prospective vendors of good businesses.

Take Care
Damien & the SI team

(Tabak Limited licensed under REAA 2008)

This email contains information that is confidential and may be subject to legal privilege. If you have received this in error, please notify us immediately by return email, facsimile or telephone (call us collect) and delete this email. Tabak Limited accepts no responsibility for changes made to this email or to any attachments after transmission from Tabak. Ltd.


Resources For Sale & Purchase of a Business

Tabak’s corporate website is now complemented by SI specific content on this BillboardMe Tabak website;

This site includes information on local businesses for sale here and historical sales data, and content from previous newsletters emailed to accountants & business bankers as shown here.

As a registered buyer on the Tabak database, occasionally you will receive emails from our Christchurch team via this website and should complement the "new listing" flyers that are emailed to you.

Topics of interest could be:
* What's Hot & What's Not - in business sales
* Specific Opportunities
* Comment on recent sales and/or the local market.

If you think this may have value for your friends & family, please forward this email to them, so they can subscribe to our BillboardMe site themselves.

Enjoy the new resource.

Best Regards
Damien, Diane, Russell & Liz (Tabak Christchurch Team)

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