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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Logo Size

A. We resize the image on the fly to fit within a max width of 140px and a max height of 80px.

Q. Image Gallery Size

A. Once again we resize everything for you to fit dimensions automatically but incase you are looking for perfection then gallery image area is 373px wide by 303px high!

Q. We have just listed our business and can't find ourselves on Google?

A. Google has to index the site for the first time before you appear on their results – the first index usually is about 2-3 weeks (can be sooner, but this is about the norm).

Q. I can't view the images sent to me in an email from this site?

A. That is standard in Outlook, you have to right-click and download images (Outlook blocks them by default). This is standard for anyone that sends HTML newsletters.

Q. Payments - Can we pay by direct debit?

A. That is no problem, you will have to call Catherine on 021 398 999 and organise prior to listing your business.

Q. How many words can I have in my update?

A. The email update template has been designed around the idea of a quick message so the title is limited to 100 characters, message to 1000 characters and conditions to 500 characters (including any links). You can also email your clients any existing marketing or flyers without using words - just drop the image file in and send.