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In this photo is a sample of my Garden Memorial Products.
M1, The large heart shape in the middle is approx. 17cmx29cm. This is $31.50.
M3, The Oval shape one on the left is approx. 11cmx15cm. This one is $12.60.
M2, The little one on the right is approx. 7cmx12cm. This one is $10.50.
M4 Cross for the garden is approx. 9.5cmw x 12.5cmH. This one is $16.00.
On all of them you can have your own words, and colours, and if you send a photo through I will try to get the likeness of your loved Pet. Hand Painted.
Please allow 2-3weeks for delivery, thank you.
Postage to the North Island $13.00. Postage to the South Island $8.00

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