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Chipmunks Timaru - Exceptional Performer; Fully Managed

In recent years the current owners have turned Chipmunks Timaru into a fantastic performer. The following attributes make this business a stunning opportunity:
• Established & profitable
• Multiple income streams (Playland, Café/Parties and After School Care/Holiday Programmes)
• Capacity to grow the After School Care/Holiday Programmes
• Easy access location with plenty of parking
• Next to no competition in the franchise’s territory
• Amazing point of sale and management software
• Substantial investment on new equipment last year
• Popular brand
• Solid asset base
• Loyal following and huge repeat business
• Very long standing staff in place
• Little input required from current owner (5-10 hours per week)
This is a real ‘turnkey’ business that has perfectly suited the current husband and wife owners whilst they had young children. The business could remain managed or a new owner could work in the business full-time to increase their earnings.

Sale Price: $395,000
Net Surplus:
2019FY $116,740 EBITDA
2019FY $156,740 EBPITD

Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Furniture Removals - Blenheim - MUST BE SOLD

For 20 years this business is based in Blenheim (home office) and Annual sales have averaged $550k + GST in the last three years and are generated by local, national & international household moves – both into and out of the Marlborough region.
The business also sub-contracts to national carriers for “last mile” work within the region. The following attributes make this business an appealing opportunity for the right buyer who wishes to enjoy the regional lifestyle on offer in Blenheim - Marlborough
• Multiple revenue sources
• Three vehicles (2 trucks and a van) worth $150k+
• Consistent trading
• YTD sales are ahead of the same time last financial year
• Cashflow positive
• Strong market share
• Significant vendor support available if required
The working owner is only “on the tools” about 20% of the time. The balance of his work is spent assessing and writing up quotes, responding to client needs & enquiry, and operational planning.

There are three fulltime drivers/staff and a range of part-time and casual staff to ensure that at peak times all three vehicles are generating optimal income. No industry experience necessary as the vendor is happy to provide post-sale support and also remain available to assist with quoting etc. as required.
Expressions of Interest
2018FY $207,912 EBPITD
2019FY $210,000+ EBPITD
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Rental Business - Fitness Industry - Asset Sale

This business has been operating in Christchurch for over 10 years. The current owners are both now committed to other employment and cannot commit the 20 hours required per week to keep this business earning the income it has in the past.

The following attributes make this business a very special opportunity for the right buyer:

• Proven and simple business model
• Established and profitable
• Sale price is for the estimated market value of the plant & equipment
• Turnaround opportunity
• No staff requirements
• Good lifestyle business, set your own hours
• Recently rebranded
• Average EBPITD for 2015,2016 & 2017 was $56,580

This has been a part time business for the current owners, earning them a steady income. This could suit another couple looking for an additional source of income, or someone in the fitness industry (Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist) who may find this business complementary to their line of work.

Price: $155,000
FME Surplus: $ 37,974 2019 EBPITD (~20 hours per week)
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Sales & Installation; Canterbury Distributorship; Popular Product;

This is a unique, well established and quality business model, offering a product to the renovation market. Leads are generated by the product manufacturer via their website and 0800 number, then allocated to the distributor for that region. The distributer then makes contact to organise a site visit and quote. Once accepted a deposit is paid, the product is ordered from the manufacturer and the builders organised to carry out the install.

You could not find a simpler and more effective business model!

• Strong growth and profitability
• No prior experience necessary
• Simple and effective business model
• Marketing run nationally by head office
• 20-25 hours week
• No licensing fees

The new distributor could be
• An individual happy to carry out the sales and quoting work, using the existing contractors to install
• A ‘team’ (i.e. couple, siblings etc) where perhaps one is a builder and the other works on sales/quoting

The current owner is looking to spend more time on his other business interests. He is conscious that the product is in ‘growth mode’, therefore needs a dedicated new distributer willing to leverage off the continued growth and interest in this brand in Canterbury.

The Vendor would provide necessary support to ensure a smooth transition.

Sale Price $155,000
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Security & Fire Services -Key Market Participant

This business has several offices in the greater Canterbury region, generating $1.8m + GST sales from a mix of subscription and project income. The services provided are needed by all commercial operations, rural and domestic clients - including local government & education markets.
From locksmith services to domestic fire alarms to new commercial build fire & security fit-outs, this business does it all. It has enjoyed double digit annual sales growth since the current owner took over some years ago, and there are identified opportunities available to continue this growth. A new, energetic owner is required to take advantage of its market positioning and reputation.

There is currently a General Manager in place and various technical, customer services, admin and sales personnel. The new owner can either swap into one of the existing roles, or work “on” the business with the existing team to generate additional revenue.

Revenue is generated from four key areas of the business, and whilst the sector is competitive, this business enjoys significant barriers to entry within its core operations and has considerable scope to grow throughout the greater Canterbury region.
Sale Price: $595,000 including vehicles, stock & plant
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Service Industry; 3 Managed Sites; Exceptional Locations

This business is based in three locations in Christchurch and has grown consistently with little marketing effort from the current owners. The following attributes make this business a stunning opportunity:
• Established & profitable
• Consistent sales growth
• Sales should exceed $1.8m for 2020FY
• Easy access locations with plenty of parking and huge foot traffic
• Amazing point of sale and management software
• High quality fit-outs
• Great brand awareness
• Loyal following and huge repeat business
• Business is predominantly run from the owner’s Home Office
When the current owners first got involved in this business they had no experience in the industry, making this opportunity appeal to wide range of buyers:
• A trade buyer in the service industry looking for a well-managed & profitable business to integrate into their own
• An individual or couple (Current H&W owners work 30-40 hours per week combined)

Businesses this good rarely come to the market

Sale Price: $1,595,000
Net Surplus:
2018FY $569,579 EBPITD
2019FY $531,525 EBPITD
2020FY $565,471 EBPITD Forecast
(2019 figures based on MYOB Cashbook)
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Canterbury Landrover - Parts Sales Nationwide; Service & Repair

The business was established over 20 years ago by a Landrover enthusiast who was a Civil Engineer by training. Since then sales have grown to $1m + GST, with around 50% being the sale of parts nationwide, and the balance being repairs & service work for the increasing numbers of Landrovers in New Zealand.

With over 1,000 new Landrovers sold each year in New Zealand, there is a growing need for after-market service and repairs which drives the service side of the business. The Canterbury Landrover Owners Club has regular activities and outings that contribute to Canterbury Landrover being considered a credible and valued service provider.

Genuine Landrover OEM and aftermarket parts are imported with the cost price of this stock circa $500,000. Perhaps half of this could be considered “slow stock” but still represents value to the business when required.

Canterbury Landrover is fully resourced with all the physical tools, hoists etc. required to operate the service workshop. The business also has access to all the diagnostic capabilities (including factory level diagnostics) that is required for the repair of the more recent Landrover models.

Value of Stock & Plant exceeds $500k!!

Sale Price $495,000 incl. stock & plant
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Automotive Workshop - CHCH Money-Maker; Greater CBD Very Consistent Trading

Consistently generating around $600k + GST in sales per annum, this business has successfully operated in its current Christchurch location for nearly 20 years. The business has a reputation for providing excellent service and workmanship in all facets of vehicle repairs and maintenance. There is a mix of consumer and commercial clients and the business has the capacity to increase its output if additional staff were employed (currently 2 mechanics plus the owner“on tools” for 15-20 hours per week).).

• Consistent & profitable trading
• Reputable brands & suppliers
• Great local reputation
• Ideal mix of key commercial clients and consumer work
• Competent & capable staff
• Good cashflow; low overheads
• Huge array of assets & plant/tools
• Onsite accommodation if required

At $600k annual sales the business is working comfortably and does have spare capacity (i.e. 5 hoists).

A competent & capable auto mechanic will ensure the business continues to thrive, as the current owner is on the tools for about 15-20 billable hours per week. It would suit a capable mechanic currently working for wages; in particular a younger but enthusiastic worker wanting to take on business ownership. The price is affordable – check out “the bank of mum & dad” if you need to, as the payback will be quick!!“
Sale Price $225,000
Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA 2008


Import/Distribution; Nationwide Sales - Exclusive Brands

This business is based in Christchurch and has grown in recent years both organically and by acquisition. The following attributes make this business a stunning opportunity for a high net worth individual; group of investors or private equity:
• Established & profitable
• Consistent sales and profit growth
• Stock circa $3.0m + GST
• Consistent margins
• Attractive products & brands
• Massive (and several) market sectors
• Easy access location with plenty of parking
• Ecommerce B2B enabled website
• Well known and credible supplier but huge growth potential
• Over 1500 resellers
• Sells New Zealand wide from its Christchurch base
• Capable & settled staff; current GM-in waiting
• Established multi supplier relationships
• Wide (but related) product range
• Most products/brands sourced from offshore
• Secures “indent” sales of $900k per annum (circa 15% of turnover)
• Jan-Feb sales are 21% up on same time last year, and 9% ahead of budget

In addition to the purchase price (which includes $3.0m stock and $200k P&E) the new owner will require perhaps $500-750k in working capital – depending on the time of year. The current owner/GM is getting less and less busy due to excellent staff.

Sale Price: $4,750,000 (includes $3.2m of stock & plant)
Net Surplus: 2018FY $928,206 EBIT
2019FY $1,089,167 EBIT budget

Tabak Ltd licensed under REAA


Christchurch Business Opportunities Upbeat

Press Release: nzbizbuysell Wednesday 2 November 2016

Nzbizbuysell works with leading business brokers who have their finger directly on the business-trading pulse, such as Damien Fahey from Tabak Business Sales. Damien says they are still experiencing a strong demand for good businesses, especially from locals, that are not directly aligned with deconstruction or rebuild work. This includes the wider areas of Selwyn and Waimakariri.
“The sentiment around town is that it’s an exciting place to be part of. We have come through the turmoil, and are now making up the new rules. He says for example the vibrant cafe scene provides a great place to meet clients and do business.”
“Every year since February 2011 has been better than the one before - and I don’t see that changing. Owning your own business is not difficult; all that’s required is a good understanding of the systems, the clients’ needs, along with sound sales and management skills and some tenacity.

. It is often the best way to get ahead financially especially if it has a good cash flow and customer base. The sectors we deal in that are doing particularly well are import and distribution, import and direct sales, trades services, niche retail, manufacturing, engineering and fabrication.” He says buying an existing business cuts down lengthy set-up time and therefore provides immediate cash-flow.


7 Core Strategies to increase the value of your business

At Tabak we like to share great ideas and information – and if you own your own business, or one day plan to – then you need to read this by e3 Accountants by clicking here.

E3 have produced a practical, simple, easy to read guide for business owners who wish to improve and add value to their businesses. They acknowledge business owners are all busy people and have accommodated this with some easy to follow suggestions that will help optimise your value when it comes time to sell your business.
Best Regards etc.

Damien Fahey
Tabak Business Sales

(Tabak Limited licensed under REAA 2008)


Tabak SI is on track to confirm the sale of businesses worth nearly $11m in the last twelve months – this on top of a strong finish to the 2015FY which saw over $8m of businesses sold.

If you are not on our buyer database, our best advice to you is to get in touch and register. We sell over 80% of our businesses to existing database buyers. Beyond registering, make yourself known to us! The more we know about your background & skills, the better placed we are to identify the right opportunities for you. In fact in the last 18 months several sales were made directly to a buyer we identified as being the right fit – this ensured complete confidentiality through the process.

Our South Island team of Damien, Russell and Diane are looking forward to another busy and successful year in 2016, finding you the right opportunity to purchase.

Damien Fahey
Tabak Business Sales

(Tabak Limited licensed under REAA 2008)


Hi everyone,
The above pie chart shows the variety and split of businesses sold by Tabak nationwide in the last 9yrs. The SI has contributed around 28% of the sales, a statistic that we are proud of.

The bar chart shows the difference between Tabak’s marketing price and actual sale price. In 6 of the last 9 years Tabak’s total sales for that year are within 5% of where we valued those businesses. We value businesses realistically and we are usually very close to the actual result; perhaps this helps Tabak stand out from its competitors?

Rent rolls - we have a number of active buyers for rent rolls, ranging from “room by room” right up to executive houses. If you know any property managers who wish to realise their asset, Tabak can deliver them a buyer for their rent roll at good value.

If you know people seeking a good business to buy, they should contact Tabak and register as a preferred buyer; and also we welcome enquiry from prospective vendors of good businesses.

Take Care
Damien & the SI team

(Tabak Limited licensed under REAA 2008)

This email contains information that is confidential and may be subject to legal privilege. If you have received this in error, please notify us immediately by return email, facsimile or telephone (call us collect) and delete this email. Tabak Limited accepts no responsibility for changes made to this email or to any attachments after transmission from Tabak. Ltd.


Resources For Sale & Purchase of a Business

Tabak’s corporate website is now complemented by SI specific content on this BillboardMe Tabak website;

This site includes information on local businesses for sale here and historical sales data, and content from previous newsletters emailed to accountants & business bankers as shown here.

As a registered buyer on the Tabak database, occasionally you will receive emails from our Christchurch team via this website and should complement the "new listing" flyers that are emailed to you.

Topics of interest could be:
* What's Hot & What's Not - in business sales
* Specific Opportunities
* Comment on recent sales and/or the local market.

If you think this may have value for your friends & family, please forward this email to them, so they can subscribe to our BillboardMe site themselves.

Enjoy the new resource.

Best Regards
Damien, Diane, Russell & Liz (Tabak Christchurch Team)

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