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Children's Creative Communication Course

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Fun, safe workshops are available fortnightly and monthly. One:one time alone (40 mins) also available. This will equip your child/children with a new, positive way to speak, behave, create and feel comfortable with self and others.

Do you know THERE IS POWER IN WORDS? It's essential to teach our children by example, how to choose the best words. To set the intention and open doors of opportunity and possibilities, for the rest of their lives. This is what the Children's Creative Communication Course will teach.

Think about it, if you replace the word 'hard' with the word 'easy' (being the operative word), what outcome do you think you are more likely to get? Yes, EASE! It takes a bit of practice, but works like magic.

Just the smallest tweak in our language, can make an unimaginable difference to our desired outcome. Such as if a flight path was altered by a miniscule amount, the destination would be entirely different. Something to think about.

If you notice your child is very quiet, withdrawn, defiant, lost, doesn't appear to fit in or other ways that concern you. Having said that, even if none of the above applies. Notice what their language is like (the words they're using). Often learned behaviour, as they've usually heard it.

What better time to train than now, while they're young. You'll benefit also, most definately. Try noticing the words you use and replace them with a positive alternative for a week. I guarantee you'll have more going well for you, in your day to day life and relationships

If you would like to bring your child out of them self, calm their frustrations or need an avenue to express themselves but don't know how to help, this could be just the solution.

This course will increase confidence, develop conversational style and so much more. Preparing and empowering your child for a better future, through their teens into adulthood.

Call today to discuss a programme that's best suited or can be designed for your child, alone or in a group. The aim being to assist him/her but also others around them, who want the best life possible with EASE:-)

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