All You Can Be - Life Coach/Mentor (with a difference) Julia Taylor-James - Christchurch, St Albans, Christchurch

All You Can Be - Life Coach/Mentor (with a difference) Julia Taylor-James - Christchurch


Children's Creative Communication Course
Strategic Intervention
Divorce Prevention
Conflict Resolution
Personal Development Workshops
Motivational/Inspirational Speaker SKYPE OR PHONE OPTIONS AVAILABLE


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Make a difference today- it counts - 5 days to go.

You can make a difference, by taking part in helping this 'life-skills' lesson plan be launched in our Intermediate Schools.

There is too much evidence now that maths, algebra and geography are just not enough. Techniques and strategies need to be taught to deal with life situations. Thank you for taking this seriously.

Please make a pledge today, as every contribution makes a difference.

The clock is ticking and the count down has begun.

For more click, on this link.

If you've read this far, it's much appreciated. Please now pledge a little (or a lot).

Kind regards,


Helping one person at a time and now the schools:-)

Only that you'll miss out on being part of changing history.

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Sometimes in life we have those down moments when nothing we do seems to make a difference. We feel down on ourselves because we allow other people's judgements determine how we look at ourselves or our families. We stop smiling because we allow others to affect our feelings when in reality we've always had control. Deep down we all realize that we are special and deserve happiness. Julia happened in my life at just the right time with an uplifting spirit and attitude that made me take a step back and realize that I still had the power to do anything I wanted. She was sent by an angel...God-given...or positive karma to some. I truly appreciate all of her insights into what I was experiencing. She helped me to see that what I already knew but I had temporarily lost. I decided to take action in my life to change my situation into something positive and uplifting for me and my family. My children are happier and my husband and I are closer than ever. Thank you Julia for your wisdom and support. You are an authentic person and your light has been an inspiration. Stephanie

- Stephanie Emmerson
“The workshop is a wonderful gift to give yourself, to allow you to be the most you can be and therefore get the most out of life”.

- Karen Millican
Julia is a passionate and dedicated contributor to our organisation, Bali Learning Centre. She has been coaching two Balinese women who are training with us, in conversational English via Skype over the last two months or so. They are visibly excited to speak with her each week and learn of the world beyond this idyllic paradise island. Confident spoken English is a much sort after skill here, where interacting with non-local English speaking tourists is a necessary competency. The local economy is very much tourism based. Thank you Julia for showing up consistently for the Skype calls, and for talking with the women with such a loving and generous open heart.
Sophie AMAT
Co-founder, Bali Learning Centre
5 December 2014

- Sophie Amat
Starting up a new business there are a number of trials you often need to go through and a lot of those trials feel personal. These trials can start eating away at your confidence, you can begin to have doubts and your self-image can begin to erode.

With Julia’s help I now have the tools to keep things in perspective and to keep walking forward. When things are tough I can now approach these events, problems or issues for what they are. A series of challenging situations which present opportunities to learn and grow.

Without the important self-development and self discovery, I would never have found some of the insightful things I learned about myself and the things that make me tick.

With these truths in hand and weapons I’ve learned at my disposal I can walk forward with assurance that I will succeed!
Thank you Julia”

- Justin Nixon

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