Heavenly Healings - Kinesiology, NLP & Energy Healing, Halswell, Christchurch

Heavenly Healings - Kinesiology, NLP & Energy Healing

Sharon Cairns:
Over the past 20 year I have seen many people of all ages with a wide range of issues and enjoy seeing and hearing of the benefits that the different modalities bring.

Whether it is reducing an intolerance to milk, improving self confidence, healing a trauma, introducing them to their spirit
guides or clearing a house before shifting into it.


*Health Kinesiology Certified Practitioner (Levels 1-7)

*Certificates in Touch for Health 1-4

*NLP Practitioner

*Time line therapist

*Certificates in Soul Power kinesiology (Levels 1-3)

*Certificates in Touch for health (Levels 1-3)

*Anatomy and physiology level 3

* Diploma in Homeoapthy from the College of Natural
Health and Homeoapthy

Kenneth Cairns
20 years of experience.


* Healing Touch Certificates level 1-3

* Crystal Therapy Certificates

* Reiki 1

* Touch for health Levels 1& 2

* Energy Healing Certificates

* Meditation, Healing & Spiritual Awakening Certificates