Heavenly Healings - Kinesiology, NLP & Energy Healing, Halswell, Christchurch

Heavenly Healings - Kinesiology, NLP & Energy Healing

Here at Heavenly Healing's we address the imbalances in your life and find and work with the root causes of your issues.

This healing brings you back into energetic balance on all levels, so you can fully enjoy your life.

We are holistic healers who use many different healing modalities to help you to heal and feel better in
body, mind and spirit.

We provide healing sessions that are safe, comfortable and confidential

*Health kinesiology
*Touch for Health Kinesiology
*Soul Power Kinesiology
*Crystal and sound healing
*N.L.P &Time line Therapy
*Energy Healing
*Past Life Healing
*Meeting spirit guides & angels and future oracle card reading
*Spirit or Ghost Clearings of people,homes and businesses
* Homeopathy
* Medium / psychic readings
*Meditation/healing/psychic development class

Heavenly Healing's services have been shown to help with most issues, such as;

Earthquake trauma/anxiety
Back ache
Before, during and after pregnancy
Mood swings
Relationship Issues
Skin conditions
Post Surgery
Recovery from accidents and trauma
Memory loss
Children's learning difficulties
Behavior problems
Insomnia/ sleep problems


You arrive with an issue/s you want sorted e.g.. Depression and a sore left shoulder

I balance the body with kinesiology points to ensure accurate muscle testing.

Then I ask the body using verbal muscle testing ;for the approximate number of sessions you need to have with me e.g. 3 session are needed. (This varies according to your issue but on average it is 3 to 5 sessions) and the time needed between sessions.

Then we identify the energy work needed in the session by using my menu of all the different modalities I use by muscle testing So the wisdom of your being chooses the different techniques to use.

I establish the order the body wants to do the correction in. Then we simply do the energy work indicated off the menu and in the order it wants to be done in.

Some of the gentle energy balancing techniques used may involve you:

-thinking a precise thought or emotional feeling
-having magnets, or homeopathic samples & or crystals placed on the body
-being placed in a specific body position or making a specific movement
-tuning folks may be placed onto a specific Accra-pressure point or over a chakra
-Color could be placed on the body or you look through a color acetate
-Sniffing essential oils or having your aura swept with them
-listening to a certain sound
-Tasting a food
-Energy healing sent by me into your body
-Homeopathic remedies may be given during the session
or placed on your energy body and you maybe given
remedies to take a home.

While doing this, specific acupuncture points are held to re-balance the energy and restore the body to it's natural balance. No needles are involved and you remain fully clothed.When the energy system is no longer under stress, the body/mind is free to start its own self healing, your symptoms are alleviated and you experience better health and well-being.


Your homes and or businesses has an energy field just like you do.This energy field holds onto many of the emotions and thoughts and fragments of peoples energy that have lived, worked, built, altered or visited your home and or business over its life.

Also the energy of the land it was built on and anything that was built their before your current building can influence the building's energy e.g. the previous house was burn down and the energy of grief and loss was left there.
There could also be entities (spirits) who are lost and haven't gone into the light which need clearing away.

There are energies of the earth called Geopathic stress can be harmful to your health e.g.. under ground streams and fault lines.

When all the clearing part is finished on your home then it's aura is healed, stabilized, replenished and harmonized to create a great place to life in.

Many people like to have a house clearing done before or soon they move into another house so the energy they create is their own they are not walking onto previous owners or tentents old energies and reacting to that energy.


The clearings speak for them selves in that this is what some of my clients have said to me the benefits were after a clearing:
The house is now longer creepy and the cold spots have gone. it feels warm and I now like staying at home by myself.
My daughter now sleeps in here own room not in my bed! ( by her mother)
The place feels quiet and calm I did 2 hours gardening which I could not seem to get to do before!
The waking up in the night has gone and my whole family is sleeping better.
The children are not fighting like they were. We are all feeling happier and more calmer.it is like a dark cloud has moved away.
The profit this month has improved by 15% for my business and the employees are much happier and things around the business are not breaking down all the time or disappearing.


You will learn in the reading who your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are. Also what area of your life they are their to help you with e.g. protection, career, relationships, so you can individually call in a guide and ask for assistance in a certain area of your life that you need help or insight with.
The guides may also give messages on areas of your life you may need to change and or heal which can often include past life issues.

You also have a Oracle Tarot Card Reading looking at your future trends.


1 hour $ 75:00
1.5 hours $ 100:00
2 hours $130:00

Children and youth (if still at school)
$70 per session

Community service card holders
10% off all prices

Spirit guide and oracle tarot card reading
1 hours - $65:00

Absent Healing Sessions:
You choose the session you want from healing sessions above and I work on your energy field and send you the report after the session. You can pay by PayPal from our website at: www.heavenlyhealings.biz

House/ Business Clearings (On site house visit)
$190:00 -This is based on around 3 hours work and includes travel to your place- If you live out of Christchurch a travel fee may apply.

Absent House/ Business Clearings:
This can be done anywhere around the world and it can be done either as an online session or an absent session. An absent is where I work on the house or business energy myself in my office and then I send you the report on what happened in the session.
Cost is worked out on time taken as above - you can decide on a time,

Facebook Messenger or skype session or other apps can be used.
These are now available and are the same cost as a normal sessions.

Mediation/Healing/Psychic Development Classes:
This is a class where can come as much as you like - although you will get most benefit If you can come regularly - when you can on Mondays from 6;30 -8:30 - cost is $12:00.
Please text or phone me - to make sure the class is on and I have information ready for you.

Testimonials   (View All)

Sharon and Kenneth have worked with my energy field with NLP, Kinesiology, Past Lives, Aura Healing and many
other fields in the past 10 years with results that are simply amazing.
My children have also attended sessions that have created great healing and peace based on ‘things’ I couldn't
make a difference too.
I am grateful they are in my life as friends and incredible healers I recommend their work highly – take the step
into their space you will never regret it.
Thank you.
New Zealand

- Rose
I was originally referred to Sharon at Heavenly Healings because I was having trouble gaining
clarity in my life. I didn't know what to expect from Sharon and to be honest it's somewhat
difficult to explain what a given session may involve as each session is so bespoke - perfectly
tailored to identify your current needs as well as work on overall goals. What I love about my
sessions with Sharon is that I tend to over-analyze (my background is in psychology!) but in
my sessions we're able to bypass my mind and access information from my body so it's my
body that identifies the issue and likewise it knows exactly what's needed to bring it back to
balance...truly amazing! It may sound hard to believe but if you go with an open mind you'll be
surprised to see how accurately Sharon's able to get right to the heart of the matter (in the
most gentle way possible at that)!

But of course the proof is in the pudding and therefore what's also great is that I have seen
my life transform in amazing ways since I've been seeing Sharon. I believe these sessions
are a wonderful way to help bring your body and mind into balance.

- Zoe

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