Heavenly Healings - Kinesiology, NLP & Energy Healing, Halswell, Christchurch


Sharon and Kenneth have worked with my energy field with NLP, Kinesiology, Past Lives, Aura Healing and many
other fields in the past 10 years with results that are simply amazing.
My children have also attended sessions that have created great healing and peace based on ‘things’ I couldn't
make a difference too.
I am grateful they are in my life as friends and incredible healers I recommend their work highly – take the step
into their space you will never regret it.
Thank you.
New Zealand

- Rose
I was originally referred to Sharon at Heavenly Healings because I was having trouble gaining
clarity in my life. I didn't know what to expect from Sharon and to be honest it's somewhat
difficult to explain what a given session may involve as each session is so bespoke - perfectly
tailored to identify your current needs as well as work on overall goals. What I love about my
sessions with Sharon is that I tend to over-analyze (my background is in psychology!) but in
my sessions we're able to bypass my mind and access information from my body so it's my
body that identifies the issue and likewise it knows exactly what's needed to bring it back to
balance...truly amazing! It may sound hard to believe but if you go with an open mind you'll be
surprised to see how accurately Sharon's able to get right to the heart of the matter (in the
most gentle way possible at that)!

But of course the proof is in the pudding and therefore what's also great is that I have seen
my life transform in amazing ways since I've been seeing Sharon. I believe these sessions
are a wonderful way to help bring your body and mind into balance.

- Zoe